Welcome to Camelot International School 


We invite you to discover more about our school and the education we offer. We are an international community defined not only by the teachers’ but also students’ passion for education.Located in Nerima-ku, Tokyo, we offer a safe and secure learning environment close to Ikebukuro, Tokyo.We have a program for Early Years class up to Middle Year 3 (Grade 9). 


This is because our school has a plan to move to a large school building in this summer.We gradually will offer the other grades classes from next year.

Please explore our school and contact us if you have any questions.  Click here






Camelot International School is closed today!(2016 Nov 24)


2016/6/17 12:30-15:00 Camelot International School Sports Fastival will be hold in the gym at Cosmic Center at Nishiwaseda!! Please come and see us.( Need inside shoes or slippers)


There was a big mistake in the part of the school fees. Some part of the Early Year Class' Fees were written on a part of the Primary & Middle school Classes' Fees instead.We corrected it on 6/5. We apologize it deeply.


We are accepting the application form for the Summer School 2016
  More information :  outline , application form , non member information

Day Trip once a week

Lunch order  ¥320~/meal


We are accepting the application form for the School Year 2016-2017


This summer we may be able to move to a new and bigger location near Kotakemukaihara Station.


2016/2/6 Camelot International School Fastival !! Please come and join us !!


Congratulations!! Our student passed the entrance exam in 2016 of the HIROO GAKUEN Highschool International Class.